Friday night
Jam Session in the Dining Room


Black Butte Hobos and music have been a perfect and natural fit since the earliest days of cross-country rail travel.
To get a free meal, the hobo had to either work or play music...and often do both.
If you put a bunch of hobos together, then they usually played for themselves.
This video clip, featuring
Stalebread Scottie and some of the other Black Butte guests, reflects those sessions.


Saturday night
at the


The Bucket Brigade
and Friends

This was one of the most enjoyable evenings of live music that this writer has ever experienced. It was pure spontaneity.

There were several sessions, so be sure to play the tape all the way to the end.

Unfortunately, logistics prevented videotaping that memorable session, so this .wav file is the only recording that exists.
Here is the full link...


[If you were one of those musicians that night, please let us know the full line-up for each session.]