Claremont High School



Classmate Updates - 2010


Many thanks to Leslee and others who helped gather this information.

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Douglas Adair


Farm Worker/Date Grower


   Spouse: Debbie

2 children:  Rosa (32) and Carol (30)

60-499 Harrison St

1 grandchild: Alexandria (3)

Thermal, CA 92274

My daughter is marrying Don Rugh’s son 







Bob Allen 

USAF Officer/Science Writer at National Lab

   Spouse: Kari

Hobbies/Interests:  Photography, skiing and travel

106 Hills West Way

Favorite memory:  leaving ‘gifts’ on Mr. Polos’ lawn at night

Richland, WA 99352

I was 20 years as a counterintelligence and criminal investigations special agent


I have traveled to 35 countries and more to come.






Ron Angle

Retired professional landscaper (22 years)/university lecturer & administrator/community activist-organizer

   Spouse: Jeanne

1 child: Tim (27)

766 Colorado St.

Hobbies/interests: amateur radio (55 years), trains, camping, and photography

Chico, CA 95928

Favorite memories: Many after-hours illicit visits to Webb School with Bill Briam & the gang. Oh yeah, the cherry bomb.


Along the walk of life, I became a commercial pilot (SMEL-I), a CA certified firefighter,

and a CA certified Emergency Medical Technician.


Each year, I spend two to three months on the road solo tent camping & taking photographs across far northern California.





Trinnie Armendarez

Radiological Tech Medical Assistant

1320 Webster St.  Apt. 233

4 children: Joseph, Yvonne, Sonia and Trey

Redlands, CA 92374

13 grandchildren


Hobbies/interests: gardening and my family





Barbara Barnum Winn

Psychologist in private practice

1044 Tower Road #310

3 children: Andrea (43), David (deceased at age 27, Seoul, Korea) and Jason (34)

Halifax, Nova Scotia

1964-5 Drove from Boulder, CO to southern Chile and back

Canada B3H 4R1

Built a house by hand in the mountains of southern Colorado


1974 discovered Buddhism in San Francisco; moved to Nova Scotia from Boulder

Did traditional Tibetan Buddhist 3-year retreat and am now a Lama





Christina Bassett Peeples   

Retired Real Estate Appraiser in Malibu

   Spouse: Craig

2 children: Christy (40) and Matthew (37)

29080 Finley Point Lane

3 grandchildren:  Curran (5), Tosh (20 mo) and Asher (3 mo)

Polson, MT 59860

I really enjoyed CHS, except most of the boys were too short.


Sorry, I can’t be there but Craig & daughter are going for a month to Mongolia.

I left Malibu 26 years ago to retire on Flathead Lake in Polsom, MT. 


It’s a small town much like Claremont in the 50’s. Come up and visit. 


We’re on the lake and it’s beautiful!


My brother, Jim Bassett ’56, and his wife live here and have a great restaurant.


Don and Stephanie Clement are here too.



Bill Bolinger

Physical Therapist/Lemon Grower

   Spouse: Ann

Hobbies/Interests: Olympic trap and my dogs

43274 Cinco Arroyo

I’m still working as a physical therapist at the Fallbrook Hospital outpatient office

Fallbrook, CA 92028

I plan to work as long as I can







Leslee Butcher DeRoos

Retired High School Principal:  Burbank High School

   Spouse: Gus (deceased)

3 children:   Gaston “Pieter” (44), Byron (43) and Yvonne (41)

322 Campus Ave

2 grandchildren:  Kelsee (12) and Jake (10)

Claremont, CA 91711

Hobbies/Interests: It used to be working but now it’s not waking up to an alarm,


reading, spending time and money on my children and grandchildren and having

lunch with friends.


Favorite memories are spending so much time in Ms. Flannery’s office that she made me her TA, GAA and “playdays” and math and science classes.





Joanne Chase Gonzalez

Nurse/Social Worker/Hospice Worker

   Spouse: Leonard (deceased)

3 children: John (48), Steven (46) and Becky (41)

529 N. Indian Hill Blvd

4 grandchildren: 2 boys and 2 girls

Claremont, CA 91711

Hobbies/Interests: yard work, reading, walking and visiting


My favorite memory at CHS is roaming the halls

This is my first reunion, even though I live in the same house I lived in when I went to CHS.





Don Clement

3 children: Brett (44), Tavia (42) and Danielle (39)

  Spouse: Stephanie      

4 grandchildren: 2 boys and 2 girls

35748 Rocky Point Rd.

Hobbies/interests: living in Montana, fishing, hunting and off roading

Polson, MT 59860








Margaret Colby Durnin

Teacher for 4 years/Community Volunteer

   Spouse: Charley

2 children: Colby (35) and Guyton (26)

6010 Lido Lane

2 grandchildren: Bailey (4) and Raif (2)

Long Beach, CA 90803

Hobbies/interests: enjoying family & grandchildren and reading


Favorite memories are Mr. Cox’s chorus class and what a good sport Mr. Gates was

when he got accidentally hit with a spit wad.


I’m helping to build/create a Library Foundation in Long Beach





Allan Coleman

Retired Lecturer, Cal Poly Math Dept.  1968-2006



777 Santa Barbara Dr.

Adjunct Math Professor, MSAC 1989 – present

Claremont, CA 91711

Hobbies /interests: Book collection, chess, gin rummy and other games and puzzles


I have lived in Claremont since 1953






Barbara Coltrin

Retired Pediatric and Neonatal RN (only 95% retired)

4853 Vine Hill Rd.

Hobbies/interests: travel, gardening, pets, friends, crafts, reading, swimming and

Sebastopol, CA 95471



Favorite memories are the great friends I made






Nancy Connor Eilbert

Retired Flight Attendant for Dept of Defense

   Spouse: Keith

3 children: Christopher (46), Scott (42) and Aubyn (40)

3110 N. Chestnut St. #315

5 grandchildren: 3 girls and 2 boys

Chaska, MN 55318

Hobbies/interests:  fitness, hiking, memory books


This California girl has been living in Minnesota for 7 years. It is COLD!

Before retiring I spent 5 months living on Ascension Island, a volcanic island in the south Atlantic off the coast of Africa.





Brent Dobson

Retired from Southern California Edison

   Spouse: Vernella

2 children: Charlene (42) and Krista (40)

30511 NE 98 Ave

4 grandchildren: all boys

Battle Ground, WA 98604

Hobbies/interests: volleyball, fishing and taking care of 5 acres


Favorite memory is running out on the football field at home games, seeing the

lights and hearing the cheering from the great CHS fans. After graduation, my brother and I took a 10,000 mile trip around the US in our 1957 Ford convertible. We enjoy our family and watching our grandsons grow up.





Bruce Douglas

Retired United Airlines 777 Captain

   Spouse: Shirley

4 children: Patrick (49), Deborah (45), Sylvia (39) and April (35)

31 Captains Walk

12 grandchildren: 5 boys and 7 girls

Palm Coast, FL 32137

Hobbies/interests: traveling and boating (about 12,000 miles of boating)


Favorite memories all involve friends, especially Bill Briam, tours of the Claremont

storm drain system, trying to steal a switch from the Santa Fe RR and going to every football game over 4 years. I now live in Florida on the Intercoastal Waterway.  The alcohol consumption is way up because of the 5 PM happy hours out the back door next to the marina and the two yacht clubs we belong to.  Life is full!





Don Ellison

Benefits Coordinator, City of Austin TX

   Spouse: Judy

3 children: Chris (40), Erik (31) and Adam (29)

2511 Caparzo Dr.

3 grandchildren: 2 boys and 1 girl

Cedar Park, TX 78613

Hobbies/interests: skiing, golf and grandchildren


Favorite memory is getting together at night at Memorial Park for tennis or



I became a ‘born again’ Christian in 1981 and my life has never been the same.





Jean Faubus Snyder

Retail Manager

427 N. Astell Ave.

2 children: Michael (48) and Scott (40)

West Covina, CA 91790

3 grandchildren:  all boys


1 great-grandson

Hobbies/interests: travel, home decorating and gardening


All my memories are good





Stephanie Frank Miller

2 children: Tracey and Mark

   Spouse: David

5 grandchildren: 4 boys and 1 girl, ages 7, 6, 4, 17 mo and 1 mo

9 Eastborne Bay

Hobbies/interests: walking, hiking and skiing

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

I’ve taken classes in photography and portfolio management and enjoy both.


I married for a second time 3 ˝ years ago.  We enjoy a large family together and

travel, especially to New York and Hawaii





Patty Forester Ewart 

Medical Biller

4948 Granada St.

4 children: Larry (deceased in 1984, age 22), Laurie (46), Jim (45) and Bill (40)

Montclair, CA 91763   

4 grandchildren: 3 boys and 1 girl


Hobbies/interests: movies, going to dinner, getting together with and playing with

family and friends.


I enjoy dirt bike and sand rails (buggy) riding; love boating and all water sports.


I love my NASCAR – go Junior 88!!





Belle Glick Tuckerman

Paramedical Esthebeian, Author, Skin Educator and Sculptor

   Spouse: Richard

2 children: Mark (45) and Sara (41)

32611 Azores Rd.

2 grandchildren: Joshua (13) and Nicole (9)

Dana Point, CA 92629

Hobbies/interests: sculpting, yoga, opera and theater, writing and research


Favorite memories are the all night party, talent show, Spanish IV with Tina Bassett

I’ve been married for 47 years, am happy, healthy and productive and loving life!





Jackie Goodchap Hanlon

Retired Business Owner

   Spouse: Dan

2 children: Cindy (46) and Tami (42)

844 Catania Place

3 grandchildren: Wren (21), Ian (11) and Katilyn (4)

Claremont, CA 91711

Hobbies/interests: walking, playing games, getting together with friends and family


Favorite memories: cruising Henry’s Drive-in in my 1951 Ford “Ain’t Misbehavin”

and where I met my wonderful husband


I am a Christian and I love the Lord Jesus.  He has changed my life. I thank him daily for being here and for my future to come.





Steve Graves

Financial Advisor

   Spouse: Mary

3 children: Shelly (43), Shelby (30) and Colin (28)

3746 Hadley Hill Dr.

3 grandchildren: 2 boys and 1 girl

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Hobbies/interests: travel, skiing and fly fishing


Favorite memory is the CIF championship game against San Marino


Mary and I have been active in raising funds and facilitating educational, health, and

water projects in a series of small villages in Kenya.


We have, with our groups, built a medical clinic, provided medical equipment and supplies, constructed a number of fresh water wells to replace contaminated sources, and provided library resources to village schools.


I am currently a member of the Sonoma County Museum Board of Directors





Pennie Grumbein Avery

Elementary school teacher/presently a housewife

   Spouse: Jack

2 children: Janet (38) and Robert (35)

8281 Hillandale Dr.

2 grandchildren: Taylor (10) and Jordan (9)

San Diego, CA 92120

Hobbies/interests: crocheting, birding, hiking and walking and spending time with



Jack and I have been married 47 years and have lived in the San Diego area for over 40 years.


Since 1998 and Jack’s retirement, we have enjoyed 2-3 months each year traveling in our motor home.  We have visited many states and even visited classmates Brent and Vernella Dobson and Doug Adair during some of our travels.





Randy Hargrave

Retired from San Dimas Ready Mix, Apex Imaging and Painting

   Spouse: Katie

Presently, I’m policing the streets in Laguna

 658 Ramona Ave

3 children: Deborah (48), Hal (46) and Randy (45)



Laguna Beach, CA 91651

9 grandchildren: Jennifer (27), Ian (26), Shelby (26), Hal Jr. (20) Corey (18), Hailey


(13), Carissa (13), Randi Lee (11) and Bella (5)


1 great grandchild: Kaydrien (5)

Hobbies/interests: cars and vehicles, as always





Dave Hebert

Retired Building Engineer

   Spouse: Marly

2 children: Craig (40) and Trish (31)

 7680 Sundrift Lane

2 grandchildren: 2 boys

Sacramento, CA 95828

Favorite memory is math teacher, Mr. Booth







Louie R. Hernandez

Army 5th Special Forces, Retired Pomona PD, presently counseling at Pomona Valley

P.O. Box 1676


Upland, CA 91785

4 children: Louie (40), Nick (38), Elyse (20) and Alexander (15)


2 grandchildren: twin boys

909-519-4408 (cell)

Hobbies/interests: power lifting and skydiving

Favorite memories are my classmates





Mark Herring


   Spouse: Mary

2 children: Chris (45) and Jeff (39)

166 West Highland

1 grandchild:  girl

Sierra Madre, CA 91024

Hobbies/interests: computers, photography and old radios


Favorite memories are cars and dances






Aubyn House Grant

Research Coordinator – Bone Marrow Transplant Cancer Research


3 children:  Kelley (44), Kerry (41) and Kevin (35)

    Spouse: Gene  

6 grandchildren: 5 boys and 1 girl

5253 SE Alderway

Hobbies/interests: decorating, reading, snorkeling, traveling, gardening and flowers,

Milwaukie, OR 97267

and spending time with family and friends







Frank Hungerford

Insurance/Real Estate Management

   Spouse: Jeanne

3 children: Christine (42), Suzy (40) and David (36)

1559 Webster Ave.

6 grandchildren: 4 boys and 2 girls

Claremont, CA 91711

Hobbies/interests: art, cars, mountain cabin and politics


Favorite memory is knowing just about everyone in the school and being friends with all.

I was on the Claremont City Council for 2 terms in the 70’s and have been a member of Claremont Rotary for 38 years.





Michele Hyman Stone


   Partner: Harry Howe

2 children: Adam (39) and Erik (37)

1055 Park Lane

1 grandchild: Emma (8)

Oakland, CA 94610

Hobbies/interests: live performances, swimming and travel


Favorite memories are Russian classes, chemistry and math

PTA planted a butterfly garden in my honor when I retired, then hired me back as a tutor.





Irene Hymanson

Real Estate Paralegal

6201 W. 74th St.

Hobbies/interests: cooking, dining out, reading, gardening and wine tasting

Los Angeles, CA 90045

Favorite memories are biology classes and archery







RuthAnn Jollymore Jones

Dental Hygienist, still working 3 days a week

   Spouse: Roger

4 children: Robby (42), Jenna (39), Sara (36) and Brenda (34)

625 Barneson Ave.

8 grandchildren: 7 boys and 1 girl

San Mateo, CA 94402

Hobbies/interests: golf, walking, bridge and my grandchildren


Favorite memory is riding to school with my older brother when he was a senior and

 I was in the 7th grade


Although I moved at the end of 9th grade, I still feel that Claremont was my favorite place from 1st to 9th grade


I took tap dancing lessons while going to Oakmont School and 55 years later I’m taking them again.





Jerry Kelley

Real Estate/Real Estate Broker

   Spouse: Barbara

1 child: Jason

759 Bird Ave.

I started with HUD and then the N.Y. Urban Development Corp to redevelop the

Buffalo, NY 14209

inner cities.  I later left Greater Buffalo Development Foundation to start my own

company.  I also do a little real estate financing for others through my Gerald Kelly Capital Corp.


Civic Activities include the Buffalo Water Board and the Mayor’s Capital Budget Advisory Council


My son is an ESPN Radio announcer in Baton Rouge, LA





Lynne Kingman Epler

Homemaker/Home Health Care

   Spouse: Richard

5 children: Rick (43). Heidi (deceased), Jennifer (34), Roger (30) and Eric (26)

7226 Conner Dr.

4 grandchildren: 2 boys and 2 girls

Valley Springs, CA 95252

Hobbies/interests: refinishing furniture and woodworking, decorating my home,


fighting causes in my community and scrap booking

Favorite memory: stopping by the park after school on our way to the drug store for a cherry vanilla coke


I love to travel – over 20 years ago I visited my son in Peru. Two years ago, we went to 17 states in 3 weeks and drove 5,500 miles.  I’ve now visited 42 states.


Two of my children live in Kailua-Kona, so I visit them.





Linda Kopecky Gomez

Furniture business/financial manager/grandmother extraordinaire

   Spouse: Gery

6 children:  Brian (45), Vernona (42), Jennifer (40), Serena (37), Tiffany (35) and

P.O. Box 310

Austin (15)

44 West Nicasio Rd.

9 grandchildren: 3 boys and 6 girls

San Geronimo, CA 94963

Hobbies/interests: reading, travel, biking, tennis and playing with my grandchildren


Favorite memory is cheering our athletic teams to victory

415-377-0712 (cell)

I’ve served in various volunteer positions: President, San Anselmo Coop. Legend

Club of Sleepy Hollow, Am Assn of Univ Women, commissioner for the Status of Women in Marin, Little League and chaired fund raising for Mannequin League of Marin.





David Kriezel

Retired – Dir of Support Services, LeRoy Haynes Boys Home

   Spouse: Betty

2 children: Bobby (46) and Douglas (43)

3909 Williams Ave.   

7 grandchildren: Ashley (25), Jason (21), Cassidy (15), Curtis (14), Devin (15), Bryce

LaVerne, CA 91750

(14) and Allyson (8)


1 great grandchild:  Bryley (3)

Hobbies/interests: golfing, bike riding, attending any high school/college sporting event


I’ve been active in Pomona Jaycees, Rotary Club of La Verne and 8 years planning commissioner, City of La Verne





John Lee


   Spouse: Frances

3 children: Steve (deceased), Jennifer (45) and another Jennifer (38)

 1325 Riverside Ave.

3 grandchildren: 1 boy and 2 girls

Fillmore, CA 93015








Edward Loeb

Ex-GI and new computer consultant

   Spouse: Rosamund

3 children: Jonathan (41), Edward III (33) and Melonie (35)

8220 Bell Lane  

5 grandchildren: 1 boy and 4 girls

Vienna, VA 22182

Hobbies/interests:   my computer job is work and my hobby.


I try to spend weekends at the beach for relaxation but always take my laptop.

301-980-6189 (cell)

I play competitive badminton as often as I can.

I have now been married longer than I have been single and have lived in Northern Virginia longer than I ever lived in California.





Mike Macklin

Pest Control

   Spouse: Libby

3 children: Shelly, Rob and Mike

77 Stewart Dr.

6 grandchildren:  3 boys and 3 girls

Blanchard, ID 83804

2 great-grandchildren: 1 boy and 1 girl


Hobbies/interests: hunting, fishing and church

208-691-5657 (cell)

Favorite memory is the ’58 CIF championship football game against San Marino


We also have a home in Palm Springs and are there five months each year during the winter. If any of you are in the area, please contact us.





Harold Mantle

Retired Chief Metallurgist Bechtel Power Corp.


1 child: Alexander

   Spouse: Audrey

2 grandchildren: 2 girls

3980 Cowan Rd.

Hobbies/interests: making “period” furniture, tending my fruit trees, spoiling my

Lafayette, CA 94549

granddaughter and writing pithy letters-to-the-editor


After getting my metallurgical engineering degree, marrying Audrey, I moved to Michigan to build a power plant; have worked on BART, Alaska Pipeline, North Sea oil platforms, power plants and oil refineries, still consulting for Bechtel Power Corp.





Susan Miller Sanborn

Artist, Retired Art Teacher (32 years)

   Spouse: Jon

3 children: Debra (48), Don (47) and Doug (36)

 5023 W. Pedro Lane

5 grandchildren: Sara (22), Devin (18), Dustin (17), Oliver (5) and Ashleigh (2)

Laveen, AZ 85339

Hobbies/interests: School Board member, church librarian and Renaissance 



Favorite memories are working in the library, being on the year book staff, senior girls’ bathroom, sock hops in the gym and my dog coming to school


We love living in Phoenix and having visitors and guests from Sept. to May Week-ends my husband and I sell our ceramic artwork at Renaissance Festivals in Arizona and Colorado; visit our website:





Robert Minnich

Professor of Social Anthropology Emeritus

   Spouse: Eva


Slembevegen 50


N-5137 Mjolkerien, Norway


+479-303-4933 (cell)






Gerald Muntzel

Customer Service

3763 Clear Creek Rd. NE

2 children: Drew (43) and Hollie (39)

Rio Rancho, NM 87144

8 grandchildren: 5 boys and 3 girls


Hobbies/interests: bowling, walking and hiking

Favorite memory is playing football and the after-game parties.


I’m just working and trying to live a good life with my kids and grandkids.





Lance Neward

Manufacturers’ Rep (Plastic Molding Equipment)

   Spouse: Donna

2 children: Ted (39) and JJ (38)

1932 E. Stalbridge Circle

2 grandchildren: Michael (17) and Matthew (11)

Sandy, UT 84093

I’m still working and enjoying it.  I’m involved with the Society of Plastics Engineers,


have served as International President, and the SPE Foundation which provides

scholarships for students planning to go into plastics.


My daughter is an actress working in movies, TV, stage and voice-overs.


My son is a computer geek, consultant to Microsoft and author of 11 books.





Jean Niess Johnson

Electronics Buyer/Office Manager

   Spouse: Chuck

2 children: Carl (47) and Audra (36)

15603 N. Myrtle

4 grandchildren: 2 boys and 2 girls

Mead, WA 99021

Hobbies/interests: family time, reading and working in the yard


Favorite memories are cruising Henry’s, Dr. Polos and graduation






Tom Omri

Retired Coast Guard Officer, Administrator for non-profit organizations

   Spouse: Karen

2 children: Stacey (40) and Becky (38).

104 Delaware Dr.

3 grand children: 2 boys and 1 girl

Chocowinity, NC 27817

Hobbies/interests: boating, travel and reading


Favorite memory is all the good times






David Paul

Senior IT consultant

1916 S. Oaks

1 child: Sara (39)

Ontario, CA 91762

3 grandchildren: 2 boys and 1 girl


Hobbies/interests: cowboy action shooting, antique Enquest tractor

Favorite memory is overcoming my fear of Mrs. Noble when I became a senior


I’m a member of the Guard of Honor for Roy Rogers.  I was one of 15 who dug Roy’s last resting place





John Pequegnat

Professor of Oceanography Emeritus

251 Old Roundhouse Rd.

Hobbies/interests: diving, traveling, snowboarding and sailing

Fieldbrook, CA 95519

Favorite memory is being on the beach at Poche


Mrs. Noble would be surprised that I actually taught a series of speech and writing

classes; Mr. Gates would not be surprised that I still struggle with languages – currently, Bahara Indonesia    





Janette Perkins Jagoe

Speech Pathologist/Art Gallery owner

   Spouse: Brian

3 children: Dan (45), Janelle (43) and Jeff (42)

P.O. Box V

4 grandchildren: Holly (14), Michael (12), Bryn (4) and Bode (2 mo) 

Florence, OR 97439

Hobbies/interests: photography and watercolor painting


Favorite memory is being hunted, caught, and sent home by Ms Flannerly for dress

code violations multiple times, later, she sent me home from Chaffey College for wearing pants to class.  I was surprised and amused to see her there.


My sons are football coaches: wide receiver coach @Colorado State and special teams coach at U of Arizona


If you are ever up here along the Oregon coast, stop by Florence and the River Gallery and we’ll show you around.  It’s a beautiful, peaceful place.





Janet Pierce Self

RN/Office Manager at an elementary school

   Spouse: Bob

2 children: Eric (36) and Sonja (33)

120 Avdiffred Ln.

1 grandchild: Lucca (3 ˝)

Woodside, CA 94062

Hobbies/interests:  retired last June







James Putnam

Semi-retired/33 years working technical support in the recording industry/Service

861 N. California Ave.

station owner

Beaumont, CA 92223

Hobbies/interests: writing, composing, orchestrating, recording music, playing


instruments, travel and the arts


Favorite memories are finding dynamite caps and fuses in student lockers and the CHS swim team


While in the Navy, I was involved with atomic bomb testing in the Pacific and Cuban Missile Crisis blockade


I worked with the Supremes, the Doors and Herbie Hancock


I have two music related websites: and





James Rae



Hobbies/interests: auto racing (NHRA and NASCAR)

1527 W. Stoneridge Ct.


Ontario, CA 91762








George Redmond

Teacher (36 years), retiring June 2010

   Spouse: Marcia

3 children:  Chris (42), Jeff (35) and Julie (31)

 427 Virginia Rd

9 grandchildren: 5 boys and 4 girls

Claremont, CA     91711

Hobbies/interests: golf, travel, Broadway, tap dancing and genealogy


Favorite memory is playing in a pep band with Frank Zappa

Married to Marcia Hardy (CHS 1963) for 45 years; spent 6 years in the Navy


Moved back to Claremont in 1970 and have coached AYSO soccer for 15 years



Diana Riplinger VanRoosendaal

Retired Banker

   Partner: Armando Bustos   

3 children: Steve (44), Sherri and Shelley (41)

1400 W. 13th St. Sp 25

3 grandchildren: Lacy (18), Kylie (9) and Hailey (5)

Upland, CA 91786

Hobbies/interests: reading, walking, gardening and travel







Harold Robertson

General Insurance Broker (42 years)


2 children: Randy (47) and Rhonda (45)

   Spouse: Alona

5 grandchildren: 4 boys and 1 girl

565 Bluefield Dr.

Hobbies/interests: sports, sports cars, travel and church

Claremont, CA 91711

Favorite memory is Friday night football with small school/town closeness


I’m an Angels baseball season ticket holder for 32 years, church treasurer for 28

years, past president Claremont Rotary Club, trustee Vanguard University





Steve Ronfeldt

Co-Director, Public Internet Law Project

   Spouse: Mary

3 children: Lara (41), Heidi (40) and Matthew (38)

916 Mendocino Ave.

5 grandchildren: 3 boys and 2 girls

Berkeley, CA 94707

Hobbies/interests: tennis, hiking and grandkids







Diane Roshay Finnegan

Patient Care Coordinator

   Spouse: Ed

2 children: Mike (36) and Ryan (33)

3412 210th Place NE

Hobbies/interests: cooking and watching sports

Sammamish, WA 98074

Favorite memories: orchestra, choir and Mr. Polos’s class







Susanne Roshay McClain

Music Teacher

   Spouse: Jerry

1 child: Jarret (35)



5055 Auckland

Hobbies/interests: traveling, gardening, UCLA games and theater plays

North Hollywood, CA 91601

Favorite CHS memories: singing in the choir, playing in the orchestra, going to


 Henry’s after games and fun times at Barbie Coltrin’s house

I’ve spent most of my days as an entertainer on stage, recording and TV with Jerry


I’ve taught music at an elementary school for the past 30 years.





Don Rugh

Retired California Highway Patrol

   Spouse: Anita

2 children: Darron (34) and Suzanne (30)

1345 21st

Hobbies/interests: carousel organs, player pianos and nickelodeons

Manhattan Beach, CA








Dennis Running

Manufacture Greeting Cards and Gifts

   Spouse: Jennifer

2 children: Lisa (46) and Cathy (44)

5107 Iveystone St.

7 grandchildren: 3 boys and 4 girls

Belmont, NC 28012

Hobbies/interests: cycling, biblical studies, writing and publishing


Favorite memory is graduating even though Mom had to pull some strings

I’ve been married to Jennifer Peck (class of ’59) for 46 years!





Don Sanders


P.O. Box 1958

1 child: Don Jr. (41)

Upland, CA 91785

5 grandchildren: 4 boys and 1 girl







Nancy Sanford Hughes

President, Stove Team International (

1138 East 22nd Ave.

3 children: Katherine (37), Elizabeth (35) and Robert (32)

Eugene, OR 97403

2 grandchildren: Taylor (6) and Scarlet (4)

Hobbies/interests: establishing factories in developing countries to produce fuel-efficient cooking stoves


Favorite memories: watching football games and yelling “you can do it, you can, you can,” reading wonderful literature in Mrs. Noble’s class, chemistry with Mr. Bookhout and being sure to wash the beakers so we could drink cocoa from them, independent seminar with Mr. Sterns where I became more politically aware and speech where I learned about public speaking


After my husband died, I started a non-profit organization that is changing the world!





Mike Schafer

Retired Banker

   Spouse: Peggy

2 children: Brian (40) and Jeff (36)

11047 E. Naranja Ave

5 grandchildren: Max (12), Sam (9), Riley (7), Lyla (6) and Beau (3)

Mesa, AZ 85209

Hobbies/interests: traveling, golf, tennis and my grandchildren


Favorite memories are being able to attend high school with so many kids I had

known since early elementary school and having the same black ’51 Ford as Dave Kriezel


I’ve owned 12 houses in 6 different states and live in Mesa, Arizona now to be near my grandchildren.


My mother was the first woman to earn a MA in PE at Cal Berkeley and was a PE teacher at CHS but had to quit when she started a family.  She started the GAA.



Roger Clyde Scherer

Partner – Third Millennium Metals

   Spouse: Stephani

5 children: Roger (45), Tracey (42), Todd (38), Scott (33) and Robert (deceased 2003)

3226 Old Post Road

3 grandchildren:  all boys

Portsmouth, Ohio 45662

Hobbies/interests: toy trains, riding horses and cats


Favorite memories are dance class with Mrs. Corbiel, filling out a list of synonyms in

Mrs. Noble class and trig functions in Mr. Booth’s class written on the board with solutions.





Ray Sevilla

Retired from Gallo Wine Co. (29 years)

   Spouse: Yvonne

2 children: Simone (43) and Nicole (39)

20572 Julliard Dr.

Hobbies/interests:  Art and outdoor sports

Walnut, CA 91789

Favorite memory is the Mater Dei football game in 1959


I am a Viet Nam vet

I played professional baseball for 2 years with the Minnesota Twins – shoulder injury ended my career


I’m a professional wildlife and landscape artist





Sandy Slaughter Kramer


   Spouse: Oram

3 children: John (47), Kevin (45) and Kraig (40)

7265 W. Otter Bay Rd.

4 grandchildren:  1 boy and 3 girls

Coeur d’Alene, ID 83814

Hobbies/interests: painting, sewing, needle work and refinishing furniture


Favorite memory is graduation and the senior party






Betty Spann Kriezel

Retired Financial Analyst

   Spouse: David

2 children: Bobby (46) and Douglas (43)

3909 Williams Ave.   

7 grandchildren: Ashley (25), Jason (21), Cassidy (15), Curtis (14), Devin (15), Bryce

LaVerne, CA 91750

(14) and Allyson (8)


1 great grandchild:  Bryley (3)

Hobbies/interests: quilting, reading, walking and traveling





Shari Swarts Hall

Retired Physical Therapist

20 Bellagio

1 child: Dana (37)

Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

2 grandchildren:  1 boy and 1 girl

(will be moving soon)

Hobbies/interests: reading, learning about computers, decorating and caring for my

949-554-5155 (cell)


Favorite memory is being taken to the police station for violating curfew at the park and someone in the group (shall remain nameless) possessing a six pack.





Rose Timmons Goodwin


   Spouse: Dwaine

1 child: Scott (46)

26162 Via Monterey

5 grandchildren:  3 boys and 2 girls

San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

3 great-grandchildren


Hobbies/interests: travel, flower arranging, photography, and family






Joyce Tyson

Child Welfare Worker (Supervisor), Currently a Realtor

P.O. Box 545

3 children: Orlando (46), Henry (44) and Joey (35)

Hiawassee, GA 30546

1 grandchild: Sierra (9)


Hobbies/interests: pets, real estate, making kaleidoscopes, bridge, photography,

travel, reading, and wine making


Favorite memory: dances after football games





Tamara Warhurst Achauer

Retired Financial Manager

69 Rivo Alto Canal

2 children: Allison (39) and Hilary (36)

Long Beach, CA 90803

2 grandchildren: Rosemary (4 ˝) and Gabriel (1 ˝)


Hobbies/interests: fly fishing, biking, skiing and reading

Favorite memory is walking home from school through old Claremont and the village


I love “adventure” travel which often includes fishing, skiing, hiking or biking





Karin Wash Rodriguez

Social Worker

5455 8th St.

2 children: Christopher (38) and Anna (35)

Carpenteria, CA 93013

1 grandchild on the way


Hobbies/interests: traveling, politics, environmental issues and yoga

Favorite memory is friends.





Christine Wieland Kaggie


   Spouse: Bruce

2 children: Laurel (48) and Beth (41)

9515 Alder St.

5 grandchildren

Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

2 great-grandchildren: 1 boy and 1 girl


Hobbies/interests: music, camping and time with the family






Mary Lou Williams Austin

Retired Flight Attendant

   Spouse: Ron

2 children: Michelle (47) and Kit (45)

1706 Shipley St.

5 grandchildren: Ryan (19), Matthew (17), Chris (13), Heather (11) and Taylor (7)

Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Hobbies/interests: first and foremost our grandchildren, gardening, art, skiing and


trips in our little airplane

Favorite memory: anything to do with sports, both competing in GAA and attending sporting events


I loved living in a small town and going to a small high school





Virginia Winston Pokorny

Own a Baskin Robbins

   Spouse: Randy

2 children: Wendy (45) and Todd (36)

1218 Appalachian Trace

4 grandchildren: 1 boy and 3 girls

Morristown, TN 37814

Hobbies/interests: riding my horse, walking my dogs and spending time with my



Favorite memory is cruising on Friday nights





David Young


1874 Peary Way

Hobbies/interests: flying and foreign travels with an archaeological interest

Livermore, CA 94550

I’ve done extensive research after earning a PhD in Chemistry


Published a book on high pressure physics: Phase Diagrams of the Elements

I spent 40 years at Livermore Laboratory and published 100 research papers on chemistry, physics, biology and anthropology


I’m currently working on high pressure physics and on models of human social systems.





Ingrid Zimmermann Schmidt

Retired Teacher

   Spouse: Dirk

Hobbies/interests: reading, classical music, cooking, hiking and meeting friends

Brentanostrape 17

Favorite memory is the whole senior year; it was very exciting and interesting

12163 Berlin, Germany

because it was so different from my life at the time in Germany.






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