Ramblings from the Dark Side of the Moon


And if the band you're in
starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side
of the moon.

('Brain Damage', Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)


Roller Coasters

Rollers coasters are like life.

They start on the flat and they end on the flat.
It is what is in between that makes it all worthwhile, and that is never flat.

You can take the nickel easy ride or you can take the $5 Cyclone.
Either way, you most likely won’t get hurt. But, which will you always remember?

And, in the end, you ask yourself
“Was it worth the price of admission?”

A roller coaster
is like life.
It starts where it ends.
On the ground.

It is the ride
that makes it all
Up, down, all around.



I heard them tonight.
The geese. Flying south.
They must be the early birds
making their escape
from the Canadian cold.

It must be nice to fly south.
I listen to them at night
calling to each other,
passengers on a flight
to places I will never see.

There will be more tomorrow
but I will still be here.
I have no wings, or else
there in the sky I would be.


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Copyright 2011
Ronald Angle