Ramblings from the Dark Side of the Moon


And if the band you're in
starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side
of the moon.

('Brain Damage', Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)


What If?

What if at the twilight of life

you choose to look back

and tally

what was good and what went bad.


Would you be satisfied?

Would you have regrets?

Shed tears? Give cheers?

Was it all worthwhile?


Was your glass half full

or did you leave it half empty?

Maybe you were looking

At somebody else’s glass?


Life does not come with a road map.

It is a free form adventure

best driven

with great abandon.


And, at the end

when you round that last curve,

what if you realize

that you did all just right?

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Copyright 2011
Ronald Angle