Ramblings from the Dark Side of the Moon


And if the band you're in
starts playing different tunes
I'll see you on the dark side
of the moon.

('Brain Damage', Roger Waters/Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon, 1973)


The Puppy

You are asleep

but the sun is up.

A warm, wet tongue

lubricates your ear.


A breath quite unique

fills your senses;

there is no hope

for staying asleep.


It is puppy time.

Daybreak, because

puppies have no hours.

If there is sun, let’s run.


No time for first coffee.

Put on the robe and slippers,

make it to the door,

just in time for puppy potty.


It’s cold, and the sun

barely peaks through trees,

but your little Whirling Dervish

is off and running.


And so begins another day

ruled by eat, sleep, and play.

She has three speeds,

Fast, faster, and crash.


Your life is not your own.

She calls the shots

and you don’t care.

The puppy is in charge.


It really is alright.

Without her, life was like

a clock running slow.

Now, it’s always go, go, go.


Bedtime finally. The motor

simply ran out of gas.

She curls up beside you

for a goodnight lick of the nose.


What was it like without her?

Some more....

Copyright 2011
Ronald Angle